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When you try to search the for words How to Make a Penis Pump at google, you will be surprised that there is a huge result and gives you a chance to visit as many sites dedicated to penis enlargement DIY's. Although they are giving away information, they however disclose further details of creating a homemade penis pump.

To some this is very frustrating considering that in the end of their said tutorial, what those sites are really after is to sell you expensive penis pumps that could have the same performance for the one that you will be making for yourself. Making your own penis enlargement pump is way cheaper but you must also take into consideration that safety is a priority. Yes probably you might have heard of a young guy having build his new "toy" which apparently has plugged his homemade penis pump into an industrial vacuum pump causing severe lacerations of his penis and its arteries. We don't want that it will cause the same harm to you too.

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What I hate about most homemade penis enlargement pump tutorials sporing in the web today is that it heavily rely on the use of a vacuum pump. We must consider that the veins of our penises are delicate and massive negative pressure applied to it will surely cause irreversible damage. The key to a successful penis enlargement program is to take all things slow. Remember that you cannot get your penis grow into a ravishing monster in a week - that is way too impossible.

Though there are impatient guys out there wanting to grow their dongs like magic, having to grow your penis big requires time, constant exercises, dedication, and patience. Also, it doesn't mean that having a small penis is half the man that you should be. So take things easy and learn how to create a homemade penis pump and to use it safely and effectively with the guide that we are providing - we know that you really will succeed.

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So go get your copy of our detailed and well designed homemade penis pump that is comfortable to use according to what penis size you currently have. There are three main designs made for different sizes - 2-4 inches, 4-6 inches, and 6-8 inches current length of penises. So no matter how small or big your dong today is, you can always make your very own homemade penis pump comfortably of your own size. So go get and download your free guide today.

Make Your Own Homemade Penis Enlarger Pump Now! This Guide is in PDF format.

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