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There are so many reasons why a man would want build a homemade penis pump to have some extra inches in both length and girth of his tool. One may be to fully satisfy his partner sexually or just something to brag about among his friends. Although I had been designing medical equipment for laboratories and manufacturers for so many years, my engineering skills has really been tested trying to develop this homemade penis pump. This cock pump or commonly called a penis pump is a prototype and can be re-tweaked according to your likings. The design of this penis pump is based on Thomas G's which I found in in youtube. However, I made several changes or tweaks like you will be able to release or increase the amount of vacuum pretty easily.

But before we can go begin making the penis enlargement pump, there are few things that I would like to stress out. These are facts I have long researched and found both in the internet and books. I know that these penis facts may be insulting but just take it easy as some are quite amusing as I may say. So let us know some facts about penises before starting to build a cheap but effective homemade penis vacuum pump.

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Facts About Penis and Sex

  • More than 80% of men think that they have a smaller wiener than the rest
  • Men with smaller endowment tend to have lower self confidence
  • An average erect penis length should be measuring between 5.9" to 6.4"
  • 1/3 of women prefer longer than the average penis to be pleasurable
  • 5/8 of women love "thicker" than "longer" penises
  • 70% of women finds a man with a bigger tool more physically attractive
  • Less than 25% of women reach vaginal orgasm during sex with her man's small winkie
  • 60% of women fake their orgasm to avoid insult to the partner
  • An unofficial survey suggests that men with larger penises tend to be more successful in their careers

What This Homemade Penis Pump Can Do For You?

  • Increases your penis length to at least 20%
  • Thickens your penis girth to at least 30%
  • Gives you sturdier erections
  • Lengthens your erection period drastically!
  • Lets you last a lot longer in bed!

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Why Our Homemade Penis Pump Is A Must To Build

  • Works great!
  • Very cheap to build
  • Easy to build
  • Discrete design
  • Has safety release valves
  • Materials can be easily obtained
  • You are supplied with a detailed construction instruction with images
  • This guide is absolutely FREE!!!

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